Here at Fitness Technology, we know that health and fitness go hand in hand!

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Fitness Technology has put together a list of websites which we found to be very useful and informative to the fitness minded individual. Here you will find information about exercise equipment, nutritional products, clubs and organization, hiking locations, tennis tips and more.

Fitness Technology is now providing the means by which to access personalized workouts, as well as workouts designed for Police and Firefighters physical fitness testing, and sports related conditioning. Visit our Personal Trainer Directory for your individual workout!

John Boos is a two-time Mr. World and Mr. New York State. Nationally acclaimed by Olympic athletes, John is also an A.C.E. and Universal certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. He is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Suffolk County Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Ask John your fitness question.

Each week Fitness Technology will be explaining the proper technique in performing an exercise that you ask about. For the latest in Fitness Technology get our "Tip of the Week".

Send us your success story, and we'll put it on our "Success Stories" page. By doing that you'll be helping others, by inspiring others to achieve their personal goals.

Let us know about any events going on related to health and fitness and we'll list it on "What's Going On?"

Master H."Kip" Stephens is an expert in the martial arts, an 8th Dan, and a member of the "Karate Hall of Fame". You can find out more about him on our "Self Defense" page.

At Fitness Technology, we know that health and fitness go hand in hand. Nutrition is the key to a healthy body. Take a trip to the Juice Plus+ page Here you'll find out the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet, and learn why Juice Plus+® is whole food-based nutrition in a capsule.

John Boos has developed a line of weight training equipment called M.A.S.S., which stands for- Multi Angular Strength Systems. Check out these unique pieces of equipment on our Products page.

This website will be continually adding new information to keep up with the newest developments in fitness.

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